Hip Arthroscopies in Bedford





Hip arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) is an area in which progress continues to be made...

To date, the procedure has shown benefits only with particular patient selections and indications: younger patients with pain and limited hip movement caused by intra- or extra-articular problems (labral tear- impingement syndrome, intra-articular loose bodies, tendon inflammations associated with mechanical symptoms), without signs of advanced arthritis and who have previously tried other, non-surgical treatments. More information on this type of surgery can be found on the NICE website . Mr Dan Arvinte does not perform hip arthroscopy but, if Mr Arvinte recommends this procedure he will refer you to one of his colleagues with whom he works very closely.


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The care I received was exceptional from start to finish...

I had a complete hip replacement on the 24th March 2023 carried out by Mr Arvinte at Bedford Hospital and can not thank him and his team enough, the care I received was exceptional from start to finish. Thank you all again. Bedford Hospital Patient PW   |   10th of May 2023  |  

I am totally happy with his professionalism...

This doctor has an understanding and caring manner and listens to what the patient is saying. I am totally happy with his professionalism. Bedford Hospital Patient H   |   9th of May 2023  |