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Hips & Knees Bedford is dedicated to providing you with effective solutions to help manage your hip and knee pain in Bedford. One of the treatment options we offer, regarding hip issues, is intra-articular hip injections, which can provide temporary relief depending on the severity of cartilage damage. With over 25 years of experience to rely on, in addition to international training at leading healthcare institutions in Hong Kong, Japan and the UK, to name but a few, Mr. Arvinte is the best choice for the treatment you need.

About Intra-articular Hip Injections

Intra-articular hip injections involve administering medication, such as corticosteroids, long-acting local anesthetics, or hyaluronic acid (joint lubricant), directly into the affected joint. These injections can provide relief from pain and are generally indicated as a suitable option for mild to moderate arthritis.

Safety and Precision: Our Approach

At Hips & Knees Bedford, we prioritise your safety and well-being. Our experienced surgeon, Mr. Dan Arvinte, always performs intra-articular hip injections in strictly aseptic operating theatre environments. Utilising X-ray Image Intensifiers and adhering to stringent aseptic precautions, he ensures the highest level of precision.


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I got over the operation so quickly and felt so well after...

I had a total hip replacement at the Manor hospital on 3rd April 23. The operation went brilliantly and the care of Mr. Arvinte and team was absolutely excellent. I got over it so quickly and felt so well after. I really cannot thank him enough for all the care and attention. Amazing. Manor Hospital Patient U   |   22nd of May 2023  |  

Thank you Mr Arvinte...

Mr Dan Arvinte is a consumate professional from first meeting . He made me completely aware of what would happen during my surgery for a hip replacement, made swift arrangements for my hospital stay etcetera. I have just had my final meeting with him and discussed my wellness and mobility and we areboth completely satisfied with my recovery. If the necessity arose for a further procedure he would be the first consultant I would call. thank you Mr Arvinte Manor Hospital Patient W   |   18th November 2021  |   16th of May 2023