Hip physiotherapy can be an effective way of treating a variety of hip pathologies. Surgeon Dan Arvinte can help you maintain and improve your hip muscle strength and mobility. By focusing on these key aspects, he aims to reduce pain, enhance function and increase your overall quality of life. Mr. Arvinte can draw on over 25 years of experience and vast international training to provide the highest standard of service so, if you need help with hip and knee pain in Bedford, there's no better choice.

The Importance of Muscle Strength and Mobility

Maintaining and improving hip muscle strength and mobility is essential for overall joint health. Strong muscles provide essential support to the joint, while good mobility allows for a full range of motion and reduces the risk of injury. Mr. Arvinte can refer you to an experienced physiotherapist who can develop a tailored physiotherapy program to address your specific needs, helping you achieve better hip function and comfort.

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Well examined, well advised, highly satisfied...

Well examined -well advised- make all aspects clearer to understand what procedures to be- highly satisfied so highly recommended to all patients. Manor Hospital Patient B   |   1st of June 2023  |  

The operation went very well and the care was excellent...

I had a complete hip replacement on 3rd April 2023 by Mr.Arvinte at Manor hospital. Mr.Arvinte and team were brilliant and I cannot thank them enough. The operation went very well and the care was excellent. I would definitely recommend Mr.Arvinte and the staff were all lovely. A big thank you to all. Manor Hospital Patient BT   |   22nd of May 2023  |