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Patients with previously replaced joints can also complain of hip and knee pain in Bedford, depending on their previous history and current condition. The situation is usually more complex than in the case of a native joint and has to be assessed by a specialist trained in revision (re-do) surgery, as Mr Dan Arvinte is. There are multiple reasons why a replaced hip can become painful: infection, instability, impingement of soft tissues around the hip, peri-prosthetic fracture, aseptic loosening.

In these situations, a proper history and thorough clinical examination, alongside well-chosen imaging, can shed more light on a diagnosis - and exclude problems associated with another joint or a different part of the body. Revision (re-do) surgery may be necessary.  A revision hip replacement is bigger surgery than primary hip replacement and is associated with higher risks and less predictable results. Mr Arvinte will take you through all the steps involved and will guide you through the decision-making process. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons provides a useful guide to revision (re-do) surgery.


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I can now stand up straight and walk...

I would highly recommed Mr Dan Arvinte his professonalism and support and care before and after both of my surgeries which were both complex hip replacement and muscle reconstruction, before the surgery i was bent over almost in a fetal position i was using a mobility scooter as walking was both painful and exhausting. I can now stand up straight and walk short distances with canes am going to the gym and using a swimming pool to improve this. None of this would have been possible without Mr Arvinte. Bedford Hospital Patient E   |   21st of February 2023  |  

Explained the procedure thoroughly and very approachable ...

Mr Dan Arvinte was very professional, explained procedure thoroughly and very approachable. I have received a brilliant hip replacement operation, leaving me pain free. Hospital aftercare was excellent. Bedford Hospital Patient F   |   19th of February 2023  |