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Knee physiotherapy is a highly effective approach for addressing various knee conditions. Mr. Dan Arvinte is committed to helping you enhance your knee muscle strength and flexibility, with the goal of alleviating pain, improving function, and elevating your overall quality of life. With over 25 years of experience and extensive international training, Mr. Arvinte is the top choice for addressing hip and knee pain in Bedford, so your trust in him is well-placed.

The Significance of Muscle Strength and Mobility

Preserving and boosting knee muscle strength and flexibility are crucial for the overall well-being of the joint. Robust muscles offer vital support to the joint, while excellent mobility enables a full range of motion and minimises the possibility of injuries. Mr. Arvinte can refer you to an experienced physiotherapist who can devise a customised physiotherapy plan to meet your unique requirements, assisting you in attaining superior knee functionality and ease.

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Overall experience was exceptional, would highly recommend ...

Mr Dan Arvinte explained every detail about my partial knee replacement, from surgery to discharge he was exemptional,I spent only one night at the manor hospital after some physio in the morning I was discharged at around 3pm,overall experience was excellent would highly recommend Dr Dan Arvinte and the manor hospital all staff were excellent.. Manor Hospital Patient A   |   24th of April 2023  |  

Thank you so much for a good experience...

I would definitely recommend Mr Arvinte for knee replacement surgery. He explained everything and put me at ease. The surgery has been a success and the recovery is so much better and less painful than my first knee replacement five years ago at a different hospital. Thank you so much for a good experience! Manor Hospital Patient M   |   22nd of March 2023  |