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Knee replacement surgery is the definitive solution and the only potential cure for severe knee arthritis.

Although it is a major surgery, it has a success rate of over 80%. The procedure involves an incision on the front of the knee (or medial side for a partial knee replacement), replacing the worn part of the joint with metal components fixed with cement or press fitted to the bone, and inserting a new prosthetic joint bearing made of hard plastic between the metal parts to enable sliding and a good range of motion.

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Postoperative care includes a hospital stay of 2 to 4 days, depending on pain management and the patient's confidence in mobilising. If suitable for a partial knee replacement (e.g., arthritis limited to only the medial compartment of the knee joint), the patient may be able to go home within 1 or 2 days after surgery, as this procedure is less invasive than a total knee replacement and typically has a faster recovery. After discharge, patients have follow-up appointments at the clinic at 6 weeks and 6 months post-operation (more frequently if necessary). Here, you can find more detailed information about the procedure, including a generic video:


Complex Knee Replacement Surgery

Mr Arvinte also performs complex knee replacement surgery, accepting local and regional referrals. These types of case (severe deformities, loss of bone stock, previous failed knee surgeries, high body mass index) need special expertise and technique. Mr Arvinte's knee surgery outcomes are very good, as shown in the UK National Joint Registry.


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He was very informative and supporting...

Mr Arvinte was very professional and thorough through the consultations prior to me having a full knee replacement operation. He was informative with regard to the concerns on having this operation whilst being very supportive. He was very supportive on the day of the operation with follow up checks during my stay in hospital. His post op consultations have been thorough along with his advice for my complete recovery. Bedford Hospital Patient Z   |   11th of January 2023  |  

If ever I needed further treatment on my other dodgy knee I wouldn’t hesitate to go back or ask to be referred to him again....

Mr Arvinte has cared for my dodgy knee since 2016 doing a variety of interventions before having to do a total knee replacement in 2017. I consider him to be professional trustworthy totally understanding to his patient’s needs. If ever I needed further treatment on my other dodgy knee I wouldn’t hesitate to go back or ask to be referred to him again. BMI The Manor Hospital Patient FF   |   7th January 2022  |  

Was treated excellently.. ...

I have just been signed off after having a total Knee replacement 4 years ago. Everything is as it should be and was treated excellently as usual by Mr Arvinte. Bedford Hospital Patient   |   26th October 2023  |  

Given me back my life...

Having my replacement knee surgery has given me back my life, I can now enjoy going back to hill walking, gardening without pain and caving, all be it gentle to start with. Bedford Hospital patient   |   21st March 2024  |