Revision Knee Replacement Surgery in Bedford





Individuals who have previously undergone knee joint replacement surgery may still experience pain. These cases are often more complicated than those involving native joints and require assessment by a specialist trained in revision (re-do) surgery, such as Mr. Dan Arvinte.

Various factors can contribute to pain in a replaced knee, including infection, instability, stiffness, soft-tissue impingement around the knee, peri-prosthetic fractures, and aseptic loosening. A comprehensive medical history, thorough clinical examination, and appropriate imaging can help determine the cause of the pain and rule out issues associated with other joints or different areas of the body.

Revision (re-do) surgery might be necessary. This type of surgery is more extensive than primary knee replacement and carries higher risks and less predictable outcomes. Mr. Arvinte will guide you through each step and support you in the decision-making process. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offers a helpful guide on revision (re-do) surgery:


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For all the treatment l have received at this time, l will be eternally grateful to Mr Arvinte and his staff. THANK YOU!...

I have been under the care of Mr Arvinte for the past 3 years. I have had 4 operations carried out by Mr Arvinte. During the pre-operative appointments, he gave me all the information I needed with regard to what he was going to do as well as what the problems were and dangers that could arise. But the way he spoke gave one the confidence to go through with the procedures. I can only comment on Mr Arvinte operating skills by saying that the outcome of those operations has improved my health and my life more than l could imagine. The post operative care has been just as comprehensive. For all the treatment l have received at this time, l will be eternally grateful to Mr Arvinte and his staff. THANK YOU! Bedford Hospital Patient O   |   29th May 2021  |  

I have nothing but sincere gratitude to Mr Arvinte...

I have nothing but sincere gratitude to Mr Arvinte .who successfully complete a full knee replacement in Nov’9th 2022 He was extremely professional and informative during his consultation’s with me, ensuring I fully understood the risks,etc. He was very re-assuring on the day of the operation, as were his team assisting him. After care consultation have been thorough and helpful in order to ensure my full recovery. Cannot thank him enough for his professionalism Bedford Hospital Patient R   |   11th of January 2023  |  

Excellent care provided...

Excellent care provided throughout the whole process. Mr. Arvinte was very clear answering all questions and concerns. Manor Hospital Patient C   |   15th of January 2024  |