Hips & Knees Bedford understand the impact that hip pain can have on your daily life. Dan Arvinte is a dedicated hip and knee surgeon, alleviating hip and knee pain in Bedford, and is here to help you live a less painful life. With over 25 years of experience, he is available for private consultations at two convenient locations in Bedford. As part of a complete and personalised treatment plan, Dan offers various treatments and surgeries to address your specific needs. If you're looking for hip replacements in Bedford, he can meet you at your point of need, with expert service.


Revision Hip Replacement Surgery

Patients with previously replaced joints can also complain of hip and knee pain in Bedford, depending on their previous history and current condition.  more  

Treatments for Hip Trauma

If you're seeking advice or treatment for hip trauma and prefer a private healthcare experience, Mr. Arvinte is available to provide you with the exceptional care and attention you...  more  

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is the definitive management and the only possible cure for severe hip arthritis.  more  

Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) is an area in which progress continues to be made.   more  

Hip Injections

These injections can provide relief from pain and are generally indicated as a suitable option for mild to moderate arthritis.  more  

Hip Physiotherapy

Hip physiotherapy can be an effective way of treating a variety of hip pathologies.  more