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Welcome to Hips & Knees Bedford. Qualified surgeon Mr. Dan Arvinte is dedicated to helping those suffering from knee pain, with a variety of treatments options, from minor physiotherapy, up to and including full knee replacements in Bedford. Available for private consultations at two locations in Bedford, Mr. Arvinte offers personalised treatment plans to help you live a less painful life. These plans may include a variety of tailored treatments to address your specific needs. Mr. Arvinte has been operating for over 25 years, and has international training at some of the premier healthcare organisations in the world. If you're looking for help with hip and knee pain in Bedford, you're in the right place.




Knee Pathology

Various knee pathologies can lead to pain, including inflammation of tendons or other soft tissues (tendinitis, tendinosis, bursitis), osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout, pseudogout, lupus, psoriatic arthritis), and rare causes like infections, tumors, or osteonecrosis.

Non-Knee Pathology

Sometimes, knee pain can be caused by issues originating from other parts of the body. Hip osteoarthritis is one such example, where the pain from the hip can radiate to the knee. Additionally, spine osteoarthritis can cause knee pain, typically presenting as sciatic-like symptoms.

(Acute or Chronic)

Traumatic injuries, whether sudden or long-standing, can also result in knee pain. These injuries can involve tendon or ligament ruptures, cartilage damage and fractures, and can lead in the long term, to the need for knee replacements in Bedford. Recognising and treating the underlying cause of knee pain due to trauma is crucial for recovery.

While knee pain is often the most alarming symptom for individuals with knee issues, other symptoms like giving way, catching, locking, snapping, or stiffness can also be present. Mr. Arvinte will work closely with you to identify the root cause of your knee problem and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan.



Diagnosis of the Knee Problem

Clinical Diagnosis

A thorough clinical examination for knee pain includes evaluating gait and posture, inspecting and palpating the painful area, assessing the range of movement, and performing special tests to identify either a fixed muscle contracture around the knee or muscle weakness.

Imagistic Diagnosis
(to help with definitive diagnosis and management)

  • Knee X-rays – antero-posterior, lateral view and skyline view (a calibrating marker can be used in cases where digital templating might be necessary for the treatment).
  • CT, bone scan, and MRI (+- contrast) – these are necessary when X-rays are not sufficient for a definitive diagnosis.

Diagnostic Injection

Local anaesthetic injection into the knee joint – used infrequently, particularly when the pain is not only in the knee area. Mr. Arvinte performs knee injections in out patient settings , using strictly aseptic techniques.

Xray of Knee. diagnostic for knee surgery.


Knee Treatments 



Level of care has been brilliant ...

The operation was sorted out really quickly after suffering quite a lot of pain in the hip. The level of care and dealings with the clinic has been brilliant and have recommended Dan to several people since the operation. Bedford Hospital Patient S   |   27th of July 2023  |  

I was made to feel comfortable at all times...

I had a hip replacement by Dan Arvinte. He and his team were kind, caring and very attentive. Even on discharge from his care I was confident I could contact him if necessary. I was made to feel comfortable at all times and I wouldn’t hesitate to consult him again if needed. Bedford Hospital Patient Q   |   18th of June 2023  |