Welcome to Hips & Knees Bedford. Qualified surgeon Mr. Dan Arvinte is dedicated to helping those suffering from knee pain, with a variety of treatments options, from minor physiotherapy, up to and including full knee replacements in Bedford. Available for private consultations at two locations in Bedford, Mr. Arvinte offers personalised treatment plans to help you live a less painful life. These plans may include a variety of tailored treatments to address your specific needs. Mr. Arvinte has been operating for over 25 years, and has international training at some of the premier healthcare organisations in the world. If you're looking for help with hip and knee pain in Bedford, you're in the right place.


Treatment for Knee Trauma

If you require advice or treatment for knee trauma and prefer a private healthcare setting, Mr. Arvinte is committed to offering you the outstanding care and personalised attentio...  more  

Revision Knee Replacement Surgery

This type of surgery is more extensive than primary knee replacement and carries higher risks and less predictable outcomes.  more  

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is the definitive solution and the only potential cure for severe knee arthritis.  more  

Knee Arthroscopy (Key-hole Surgery)

Knee arthroscopy (minimally invasive key-hole surgery) is a field that continues to advance  more  

Knee Injections

One of the treatment options we provide, concerning knee issues, is intra-articular knee injections, which can offer temporary respite depending on the severity of your cartilage d...  more  

Knee Physiotherapy

Knee physiotherapy is a highly effective approach for addressing various knee conditions.  more